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Our Experience

Crane Truck Hire. Experts in the Crane,Transport and Lifting Industry!

We are a family owned and operated business 

Full Radio Remote Control !!
Worksafe approved Class 1 Crane Trucks!
Crane Safe Approved with Green Sticker!

The best Crane Truck combination for all jobs!   

Fully Licensed and Ticketed with over 25 years of experience in the Crane Truck  Industry.

Fully compliant with all Construction Industry Regulations.

Work Cover and Union compliant.

All Kyabyte Crane Trucks works performed comply with current Australian Standards and Work Safe Guidelines.  

J.S.A and S.W.M.S are completed and presented on site as required.

We also have Electrical Spotters, Dogman and Riggers available for hire!

Our Crane Trucks are fitted with a winch and wire running rope just like a mobile crane!  Lifts and hoists up to 29 metres vertically!
7.5 metre tray length.  


Hoisting of air conditioning units up onto roofs
Building Works
Hoisting of evaporative cooling units to the roof

Lots of reach required!