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Hoisting of A/C Units up onto Office Blocks

Our Crane Trucks are fitted with a winch and wire running rope just like a mobile crane!

Lift and hoist up to 29 metres vertically!


Tray length is 7.5 metres long for maximum carrying capacity with rear mounted cranes.


We are a Melbourne based company and work all over in Victoria


They are suitable for the following,


Delivery and erection of steel beams, channels,R.H.S, and accessories up to 11.5 metres in length onto all Commercial, Industrial and Domestic sites.


Pick up of A/C Condensors, PAC Units and Compressors onto roof and plant rooms of office buildings, factories, shops, homes, shopping centres and construction sites


Pick up and delivery of portable buildings, sheds, containers and all building material


Machinery and factory relocation


Glass and window delivery and placement

Electrical switchboards and Light pole transport and placement


Car, boat, and engine replacement or transport


We even do all the maintenance and assembly of the Errickson Fire fighting helicopters in Melbourne where maximum finese, care and accuracy is a must!

High reaching work

Steel Erection.